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How to Sell Managed IT Services to Company Officers

Often times when we meet with Chief Information Officers of companies who are considering managed IT services, the biggest pushback we receive is regarding how the CIO will be able to sell our services to the CEO, CFO or other officers of the company.

Normally, the CFO will want to determine how managed IT services will impact the bottom line and affect risk taken on by the company. Another common question is why not just keep the services in-house with the current IT team so as not to impact the current level of effectiveness.

Because these questions are popping up more often, we thought it might be helpful to breakdown how managed IT services can actually improve the bottom line, decrease risk and improve IT services. CFOs can use the following information to help justify the addition of managed IT services to their current IT department.

Cost of Managed IT Services

Companies with full-fledged IT departments that carry the entire load in-house know first-hand the expense of individual employees. Employees come with increasing training and salary costs, sky-rocketing healthcare premiums, downtime due to vacations and sick days and retirement investments. What’s more is that these costs can vary from year to year, making it difficult to formulate an annual budget.

By augmenting your team with managed IT services, many of those costs essentially vanish, making your IT costs fixed and predictable. Not only will this help improve the bottom line, but it will also help streamline both the IT and HR departments.

Managed IT Services and Risk

One of the biggest concerns of all company officers is risk management. For obvious reasons, the less risk the better.

A common misconception around managed IT services is that outsourcing IT can add to your company’s risk. That’s simply not accurate. With contracted managed IT services the company still maintains control over its IT functions and ownership of all hardware and software.

Unless otherwise stipulated, managed IT providers only work with existing equipment. However, we can help you plan and budget for hardware and software updates.

In addition, the company also maintains the level and type of services provided by a managed service. Additionally, those agreements can be easily changed and updated as your business expands.

Managed IT Improves Service

A Managed IT provider like BKS Systems provides 24/7 service across multiple platforms and in a variety of business sectors. Our certified IT professionals require little to no training and can be efficiently working with your IT team in hours not weeks, leading to seamless, top-level IT service. We also provide regular software updates and expert industry knowledge of the latest information to keep your company’s data safe and secure from outside attack.

BKS Managed IT services work in conjunction with your ongoing IT efforts. We don’t seek to eclipse your company’s IT department, but rather work with it to help your business gain competitive advantages and the highest levels of service and efficiencies.

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